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I Started Something I Couldn't Finish - The Smiths (1987)
Found a smiley photo of Morrissey!
This is the title that I stole from the Smiths for my first post. It fitted how I feel about this project I'm doing, I hope I'm wrong about it though. I didn't much rate the Smiths first time round; I was probably wrong about them too.    

Since then, each post has been given the title of a song. So far I've chosen songs that I like (although this Smiths one is not a favourite).
The Slits in cheery mood

Adventures Close to Home - The Slits (1979)
It's a shame that the Slits didn't get some of the attention afforded to other bands of their time - they seem to have been left as a footnote in the story of punk, which is a bit reductive to say the least. There's all sorts of interesting stuff going on in their music. Hard to believe Ari Up has gone. The music still sounds young and exciting!

 I Never Picked Cotton - Johnny Cash (1996)
A cover of a song recorded by Roy Clarke. I haven't heard his version but Johnny's is excellent. 

The Model - Kraftwerk (1978),The Model - Big Black (1987)
I like both versions although the original is classier. Big Black's version is quite restrained.

Zig Zag Wanderer - Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band (1967)
From Safe as Milk, a bit easier on the ear and brain than Trout Mask Replica. I misheard this for a long time as Zig Zag Hydra - anything's possible with the Captain.

Crabtown - Throwing Muses (1995)
From University. Perfect holiday tune...

Everything in Its Right Place - Radiohead (2000)
Hard to believe this is 12 years old. I really liked Kid A and Amnesiac. I remember this as a good time for interesting new music. I suppose I had more time to spend trawling the airwaves then...

Till Victory - Patti Smith
A rediscovered favourite after many years without it. My latest garment has turned out quite well, so I feel like I'm getting there slowly. 

Road to No Regret - Scritti Politti (2006)
From the excellent return to form album White Bread Black Beer. No one else in my house likes Scritti (he's been dismissed as a wannabe BeeGee) so this is one to hear on my own. There's some nice echoes of The Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel on this album, you can hear the influence of the latter in this lovely, quiet tune. 

That's How You Sing Amazing Grace - Low (2002)
My first date with Mr K was nearly a Low gig at the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh. Luckily, he was busy, as it turns out he's not a fan of songs with endlessly repeated lines (a Low tendency). I went with a friend instead. So although I had to wait another month or so for our date, it was probably for the best.

I'll Wear It Proudly - Elvis Costello and His Confederates (1986)
Link is to a live version 1:45mins in from the start. This is from the album King of America. Many good tracks on this album; I think it's one of his best. My first copy of this was a C90 cassette that I found among a pile of clothes when I was working at a jumble sale. Jesus and Mary Chain were on the B-side. I played this tape a lot and lost it during one of many moves over the years. At some point I must have mentioned what a miss it was to my friend Kath. 

Then at my 30th birthday at Kath's flat, there was a knock at the door and her (future) brother-in-law arrived in his bike leathers and lid straight from the record shop he worked at with a replacement CD (courtesy of Kath) of King of America. That was a lovely birthday.

Slowly Goes the Night - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1988)

From the album Tender Prey. A friend once bunked off school to go to a record signing that Nick Cave did at the big HMV on Oxford Street. I was a swot and didn't go, but my friend brought me back a signed poster. I was well impressed. I've still got that poster.

I'm Not Done - Fever Ray (2009)
This was the last song written for her album Fever Ray, and is my favourite. I got really obsessed with this tune for a while so I've left it alone for a few months to preserve its power. I've left music alone generally as I still have hearing loss from a virus and I feel like I'm hearing decaff versions of my favourite tunes.

Fever Ray mentioned that she listened to Phil Collins's In the Air Tonight when she was recording this album but that hasn't put me off. I suppose they share a glacial quality that I also enjoy in Gary Numan's song Cars.  

Almost Blue - Elvis Costello and the Attractions (1981)
This blog entry was originally entitled Mood Indigo after the Nina Simone song but Almost Blue seemed more appropriate.

Listen, the Snow is Falling - Galaxie 500(1989), Listen, the Snow is Falling - John Lennon & Yoko Ono (1969) 
I heard the Galaxie 500 version first. I like the sound of Naomi Yang's fragile, untrained voice - suits the song nicely. There's some nice guitar in there too. I also love the original by Yoko Ono, with the sound of feet crunching through snow. 

Memories of a Colour - Stina Nordenstam (1991)
Her voice can be equal parts annoying and charming. Little Star remains my favourite but this is quite nice too.

Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Beastie Boys with Santigold (2011)
MCA is a big miss. He had such a great voice.

Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon & Garfunkel (1966)  

I Hear Music - Billie Holiday (1940)

Little Birdie - Vince Guaraldi and the Lost Cues (1974)

Hello Sunshine - Aretha Franklin (1968)
From the excellent Aretha Now album.

Night Time is the Right Time - Ray Charles

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