Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hazy Shade of Winter

I'm managing to keep some momentum going and have made two new garments already this year... 

I started with this simple short sleeve top from the February issue of Burdastyle.  

I had just enough of the red bamboo jersey fabric that I used for a Vogue double layer top last year. The fabric's a bit clingy but I thought it would do for a toile. It's actually turned out ok, and I'll probably get some wear out of this. Mr K suggested the ruching at the hips as it was quite long in the body. Here it is then:
I seem to have a ruched neck in this as well :o(

I was hoping to present some classy pics of this top, but alas it was not to be. Earlier, I asked Mr K if he would take some photos and he grumbled  a bit about having to set up lights but agreed to do it. I wasn't expecting lighting but thought "Great! Deluxe photos at last!" My photos are usually a bit fuzzy and gloomy. Unfortunately Mr K is having his pre-bedtime snooze. So it's back to fuzzy pics and exotic locations - this photo shoot took place in a bathroom in Scotland.

Made room for the tail
Saddie's new dress
Garment no 2 is rather small: I made a dress for Little Creature's cuddly rabbit. LC has been dressing her in a manky old baby vest for the past few months; before that she was naked. I decided it was time for her to have a proper dress so we went to the sewing shop so LC could choose fabric for her. He chose some fabric for another rabbit of a different shape and size so I'll have to figure a pattern out for that too.

By the time it gets to February, I'm restless for some signs of Spring. It's definitely on its way! Little Creature has been on snowdrop patrol in the garden and the birds are tuning up for their spring songs. Beaky, our family blackbird (who will be 8 this spring) is much more vocal as he hops about on our doorstep waiting for cheese and grapes. 
I'm encouraged by these natural cycles and patterns, and living in the countryside, it feels easier to connect with them. I've enjoyed the snow this year (or more specifically, the sledging) and the clear starlit nights when I've gone out to get the coal. 

My friend G keeps me updated with texts about the state of the cosmos and what to look out for; he has a good understanding of where things are up there. Years ago when we were neighbours, he chapped my door late one evening and said "Come out and see Mars". So we stomped up to Johnston Terrace at the foot of Edinburgh Castle in pyjamas and coats to look at Mars. It was beautiful, like a new-minted penny. In spite of the light pollution of the city we had a clear view. A passerby stopped to ask us what we were looking at. She was on holiday from Australia and enjoying an evening stroll. The three of us stood and looked at Mars for a while, and then went on our separate ways.  

Recently, I read an interview with former Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson who was discussing - among other things - receiving a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer and how he is spending the short time he has left. (If you haven't encountered Dr Feelgood and in particular, Wilko's charismatic stage presence, I recommend that you check out this classic performance on the Old Grey Whistle Test). 

Wilko Johnson
"I do want to look at the Great Nebula in Orion, 'cos Orion is passing now with the wintertime, so obviously it's the last chance I've got to see Orion, and I wanna have a look at that. And, especially, I do hope I'm around to see Saturn again, which will be in the sky before too long."

The full article is here. Now when I look at Orion, I have the guitar riff of "Roxette" in my head. It's a welcome, purposeful rhythm.  

Next up project-wise, well I'm not sure...I've got some red denim and a bit of fine corduroy in a lilac colour to use up. Either could be good for a skirt. I'm putting off the 1950s dress for now as I've got a big project at work and some studying coming up. Perhaps it will be a good project for the summer when the evenings are lighter.


  1. A brilliant blog entry. I love Jupiter, it seems to always be there in the night sky, but I only really noticed it in 2010, which was a particularly sad year. Now I can't not notice it. Good old Jupiter.

  2. Cheers for your comment. Good wishes.